Specflow and Eventual Consistency

SpecFlow is a tool which can be used to describe test scenarios and automate the tests. Although I have been using SpecFlow for a while now I never used it for advanced examples where time might be an issue. Lets show a simple example scenario first. A scenario, written in Gherkin, looks like this: Scenario: Add simple item with due date Given the user enters "wash my car" And the user adds a due date of "1-1-2022" When the user saves the item Then the item "wash my car" is added to the list And the due date is "1-1-2022" This scenario is easy to implement, the item will be added and stored.
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Arrowhead anti-pattern challenge

update (2019-11-08): added a bonus contribution from Bob, written in prolog Just recently I had to work on a huge flow-chart to determine farm types based on the animal transports to and from farm locations. I started out with a small proof of concept but didn’t like the way it turned out. I did some research and learned I was basically creating a so called arrow head (“Arrowhead” anti-pattern ).
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Retry and fallback policies in C# with Polly

In this blog I will try to explain how one can create clean and effective policies to retry API calls and have fallbacks when requests are failing. With Polly it is possible to create complex and advanced scenarios for error handling with just a few lines of code. This week I was connecting an eCommerce web application to an ERP system with REST APIs. There are multiple endpoints, all authenticated with OAuth.
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Things I Learned This Week - #1

My plan was to write a quick post about some cool things I found and learned this week but I just learned too much (as I do every week). Below are just the highlights, I will try and write more posts like this, especially if I get some cool comments :)

Read about a REST Client, Unit Testing, TFS and more in this post!

Asynchronous Model Validation

Last week I found some great articles about Domain Driven Design. While I have been trying out various patterns and design principles like Clean Architecture and Domain Driven Design I was still finding out how to implement domain events. While doing some exercises I came up with a solution to validate domain entities with asynchronous validations which I want to share.

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Using Google Sheet as CMS for your App - Part 1

Imagine you had an easy to understand CMS without too much overhead, just to add translations and a bit of content for your (Xamarin) app. A CMS with an “excel-like” interface, an interface most of your customers would understand without even a training? Say “Hi” to Google Sheets & Azure Functions!

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I have been working as a software engineer since 1999 and worked for different companies all over the world. Professionally I am working mainly with .NET (Core), C# and other technologies at the moment but I have a huge interest in anything technological. Some things I like to talk about are: Clean Code, Clean Architecture, Domain Driven Design, design patterns, Unit and Integration testing, SOLID principles. Sources of inspiration Just a list of items I am inspired by.
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