There are a lot of static site generators around and I have been using quite a bunch of them. While I used most of them for this (personal) blog, I have also used some for professional purposes like documenting software and for team and company-wide documentation. Especially Sphinx has proven itself to be quite useful.

I want to create an environment with the following requirements:

  • Hosting in an Azure Web App
  • Protected by Azure Active Directory
  • Every project has it’s own documentation (no merge conflicts between teams)
  • Use Sphinx but using other generators is possible

In this post I will show how to create a documentation platform which implements the requirements above with only a few lines of code.

Imagine you had an easy to understand CMS without too much overhead, just to add translations and a bit of content for your (Xamarin) app. A CMS with an “excel-like” interface, an interface most of your customers would understand without even a training? Say “Hi” to Google Sheets & Azure Functions!

Jacob Duijzer

Software Engineer

Vught, Netherlands