Domain Driven Design

Living In Your Own Bubble: Introducing DDD in Legacy Software

In the complex landscape of Dutch agriculture,where the value of cows impacts taxes and business, this session unveils a solution to implement new rules within a legacy system. Explore the Bubble Context method to seamlessly integrate changes without compromising the existing setup, showcasing the power of Domain Driven Design in legacy system navigation.

Asynchronous Model Validation

UPDATE: Kamil Grzybek commented on my article and pointed me in this direction: a blog post about Async OOP 2: Constructors by Stephen Cleary. While I still my post, I realize it is a bad practice.

Last week I found some great articles about Domain Driven Design. While I have been trying out various patterns and design principles like Clean Architecture and Domain Driven Design I was still finding out how to implement domain events. While doing some exercises I came up with a solution to validate domain entities with asynchronous validations which I want to share.