Using xUnit fixtures with SpecFlow

It can be a challenge to implement new frameworks or tools in your daily life. Often it takes time to find out the quirks and best practices which can take time and even lead to doubts and abandoning frameworks. I have been using SpecFlow for a while now and I keep finding new ways to tackle issues and get cleaner code behind the specs (I am still having trouble creating clean & clear functional requirements though).

One of the things I keep bumbing into is using settings and sharing code between different specs. In the following example I will explain my latest find: using xUnit fixtures to get test settings and reusable api clients for multiple tests.

Specflow and Eventual Consistency

SpecFlow is a tool which can be used to describe test scenarios and automate the tests. Although I have been using SpecFlow for a while now I never used it for advanced examples where time might be an issue. Lets show a simple example scenario first. A scenario, written in Gherkin, looks like this: Scenario: Add simple item with due date Given the user enters "wash my car" And the user adds a due date of "1-1-2022" When the user saves the item Then the item "wash my car" is added to the list And the due date is "1-1-2022" This scenario is easy to implement, the item will be added and stored.